End Of The Year Hummanities Reflection

This year in humanities we have progressed so much and now we know much more than at the beginning of the year, I am going to tell you through a few projects this year what I have done and where I was before we started certain projects. First, I will start with membean membean is a vocabulary website which in my opinion helps a lot with when we write papers and other written projects I started the year on level 2 having to go 299 words once I completed that I was on level three I have now completed 16 words of level 3.
We learned about the aspects of a civilisation and we learned about Mesopotamia, Ancient Greece, Rome etc. We worked to the one aspect that we chose to do the voices of an ancient civilisations I chose the aspect of Egypt which was about mummification. This second semester I learned so much when we did the informational argumentative podcast. I related back to mummification as it was apart of their religious belief and for the podcast I chose religion as what I picked to do Gifts and Curses Of Religion. Where I learned the positive and negative effect of religion.
These past two semesters I have loved coming to humanities and I will miss ms. Guggisberg’s class.

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