Monarchy and olagarchy 

Today I will be talking about the advantages and disadvantages of ancient government. The first form of government was Monarchy followed by oligarchy and then came tyranny and democracy. During This time period there were advantages and disadvantages for both the power in authority and the citizens .
The first form of government was the Monarchy.the disadvantages in a monarch polis was that the citizens did not have a voice and couldn’t voice their opinion. It’s a advantage and disadvantage to be the oldest son it’s an advantage because you are the air to the throne and also your siblings might want you dead. There was an advantage for the king that he had all his citizens frightened of him and the authority. 
The next form of government was oligarchy. The advantage of a oligarchy polis was that the men could overthrow the king . The men in power could exile the citizens so that their polis was “free of bad people.”the disadvantages were that when the men in power to make a decision they would have a argument and would fight a lot .the citizens enjoyed certain protections but although they lacked political power.sometimes the oligarchy would harshly and eventually the citizens over there it.
Oligarchy and monarchy were two of the four different types of government systems that took place in Ancient Greece .the reign of this time period was 3000 years until the idea of a democratic country came into power .

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