Service learning day reflection

The reflection for service learning 
Service learning day was yesterday where we first played the ice cream simulation where our goal was to build a community work together and use our time and money efficiently.

We also learned about how sympathy and empathy and how both those ways were affecting the person with a problem. We learned that when you are going to a hard time and someone makes you feel better you only feel worse .and it’s not nice to say it’s okay because to them it might not be okay. 

We then split up and go to our advisory where we got problems that affect us and our
planet.I chose child labour and used someone as my main reference using Kailash Satyarthi quotes and wrote about how one child having a childhood can affect us .

We then gathered in the HOP and watched a TED Talk that talked about the small moments which have the biggest impacts they are called lollipop moments.we also wrote by gate to something we believe can lift someone’s spirit when they are walking by and read it .
I wrote that

It starts with you 

Meaning that one can make a difference because a movement starts with you .

The purpose of service learning day was to know that we are very fortunate and for us to pay it forward each and every day and it’s the small moments that really make a difference.

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