Delhi Out and About Reflection 

I really enjoyed making the Kahoot about the Indian politics .My partner Daniel D made ten and so did I . 

We then played our classmates kahoots . My kahoot was about Indian politics we talked about the Indian president and prime minister . I am really curios about the different presidents. 

In the Gandhi project we visited the Gandhi Smriti .My partner and I made a 4-5 minute long video about Gandhi’s life .It was really helpful and I learned allot about Gandhi.Including the fact he was a leader and lead the Indian freedom struggle. 

In the Delhi and its seven city project we research about Siri and Tuglakabad .We then made a presentation .And learned a lot about delhi’s history .We the divided the work and presented the work in front of the class. The trips we took included: -Trip to Old Delhi, Red Fort
 When we went to Delhi haat I shopped. We had a look at all the stores and had a lot of fun . The metro ride was a lot of fun . I got to see a public transport .we went above and below ground . 

 The Gandhi Smriti Was helpful and educational . especially because we were doing the Gandhi project in class . We had a load of fun . The visit to Delhi Red Fort was interesting . We noticed a lot architectural differences. And saw the small shops .

 The parliament trip was fun . I took a lot of really different pictures.we were lucky to walk into it . My favourite was the kahoot because we learned a lot by playing everyone’s kahoot . I would really like to learn more about the Indian parliament .

Kahoot is a web site which lets you make a kahoot which is a quiz you put together And you then airplay and the whole class logs in and they play with you controlling . 

These are some of the pictures I shot at the different trips .

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