Reflection from Delhi Out and About Exlp.

How is this exploratory helping you in understanding Delhi’s historical background, architecture, culture, and traditions followed? When we visited the Red Fort we saw the busy market and the venders on the road . We saw gurdwaras shops etc. 

 Learning about Delhi and its seven cities was fun and interesting and I learned many things that I did not know about . And many things I learned more about. During the activity we were given a partner and two cities to research about . My partner and I took one city each and 4 slides on the presentation. We then presented our slides to the class and talked about what we did. 

I enjoyed all the field trips taken so far.

We visited 

. The Gandhi Smriti 

. Old Delhi

. The Parliament / India gate 

 3. Describe one exciting memory from class based on the projects or the trips attended. 

I really enjoyed making and playing everyone’s Kahoot . Kahoot is a website that allows you to make questions and allows your class ages to play the questions as your quiz

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